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Monday, January 6, 2020

“What The Fluff Challenge” • Funny Cat reaction 10/10

Funny Cat GIF • What The Fluff Challenge • Funny MeerCAT reaction I think my cat is broken haha
“This is the latest viral video craze, the “What The Fluff Challenge”, which consists of humans bamboozling their pets. The concept is simple: the human stands behind a blanket, and when it drops, he disappears. And the 10 cat reactions are very funny and…different, some cats don’t know how to react, haha.”
“I think the “What the Fluff Challenge” broke my cat, haha!”
“Funny MeerCAT reaction: “Wait, I sense danger, where is my Dad?”
“Wow, this is the best cat reaction. This cat is smart, he knew something was wrong.”
“Demoooooonnnnnnn, bring back my human!”
[Video: CONTENTbible]