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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Level up Challenge during the Quarantine
WOAH!!! She hit an incredible Level...12! (2 GIFs)

Amazing Cat GIF • Flying cat hit Level 12 at Level up Challenge! She is the winner, simply the best!
Owner: “Can any cat do it better?”
“Dude, I think It's the World record, your cat is amazingly amazing! She deserves place in the Guinness Book of records!”
“She's - easily - won the ‘Level up challenge’ (cat version) ”
“She's really flying! So young, thin & light, fast and graceful.”
BENGAL cats are pawesome!“

Cute Cat GIF • Playful kitty hit Level 12 at Level up Challenge! She is the winner!
“Yes kitty, you're a good πŸ’– girl and you love your toy.”
“And yes, you're the Boss!”

WOAH!!! Amazing Bengal cat broke the World record at Level up Challenge