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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

“Hi cat lovers, my name is 'Arya' and I'm the quiet one in the family.”

Cute Cat GIF • Adorable shy and quiet Kitten. Oh my...She is so cute, I love you my sweetheart
“Little sweetheart, cutest kitty I've ever seen!”
“Sono io quando ti guardo per farti ♥ sciogliere.”
“Aww how does a Kitty get that cute!”
“Awn q coisa mais fofa meu Deus que quero.”
"Adorable chaton au poils ébouriffés, qui a l'air tristounet et timide : 'Qui veut m'adopter ? Je serai sage comme une image, promis.'"
[IG @kitty_fostering_oz]