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Friday, November 13, 2020

Cute kitten lying on his sleepy Mom, licking & grooming head

Cute Kitten GIF • Helpful kitten lying on his sleepy Mom, licking and  grooming her head
“Aww...come here Mom. I need to clean you up, again. You got your wiskers in the milk bowl again, right Mom?”
“I love ♥ you (licklicklick), I love ♥ you (hug)”
"Só mais 1 pouquinho de gatinhos dando bjineos."
“I can't stand how cute this is! Love love love.”
"Quand ton chaton est contraint de faire la toilette de sa mère car il trouve qu'il y a du laisser-aller durant le confinement."
“Me giving you love and trying to wake u up : mommy... wake up... let's play...”
"Eu de manhã qdo você ainda tá dormindo huahauah."
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