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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Amazing miniature snow Lion from Norway :)

Amazing Cat GIF • Leaping miniature snow lion. So graceful cat and impressive jumps in snow []
“So graceful cat and impressive jumps!”
"Он прыгает по следам" 😁
“Wow, that's Pawesome”
“I love his hair cut!” 💕
"Il est trop courageux de sortir dans la neige sans son manteau d'hiver !"
“Hopp hopp leaping like a bunny.”
“Nice jumps but don’t freeze.”
“Un bellissimo leoncino.”
“Such skill, such grace...”
“You need to be in the Winter Olympics!”
“Hey kitty, you forgot your Winter coat!” 😂
“Frosty flying floof.”
[IG @tussetroll_and_tingeling]